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BNCI Platform

Date created: 30/07/2014

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  • Software platform

Technology readiness level:

  • TRL 4 – technology validated in lab

The provision of accurate, adaptive and individually tailored interventions to improve cognitive function and affective state. Solutions are based on sound medical and neuro-psychological assessments, helping expert and patient work together to further develop training schedules. Three core elements include: • Adaptive HCI Interface – interactive headset with EEG/ECG/HRV capabilities which can be used on the home computer whilst clinician is connected to patient remotely. The HCI supports training modules to address cognitive function and depression (affect). • Ability to individually tailor solutions to apply these training modules, where solutions can be discussed between expert and client in process of shared decision-making. • A ‘test battery’ for measuring the training outcome at the behavioural (neuro-psychological, activity and QoL tests) and physiological (heart rate variability/EEG) levels. The CONTRAST platform bridges the gap between institutional rehabilitation and the continuous training and monitoring of impaired function and health parameters at home.

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