Low cost platform supporting independent living
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Low cost platform supporting independent living

Date created: 30/07/2014

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Asset type:

  • Software as a Service

Technology readiness level:

  • TRL 1 – basic principles observed

Type of collaboration seeking:

  • Business: Investment (seed or A round funding)
  • Technical: Joint further development

The main approach of the project is to develop an unobtrusive, low cost platform to support independent living for older people. USEFIL has developed a Software driven system integrated with low cost open source technologies/operational platforms which can monitor the older person in their home. One main advantage of this system, due to the fact it uses open source technologies is that is can be widely adopted and personalized. As part of the project, behaviour monitoring algorithms have been developed and work through the innovative platform. Data collected is mined to uncover hidden patterns for early detection of ageing related risks. It is hoped that a generation of guidelines for worldwide developers of applications for ICT for the ageing population would be developed, creating standards in the field of “ageing well and technology”.

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