4D digital Avatar infrastructure
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4D digital Avatar infrastructure

Date created: 28/02/2013

Website or demo video presentation: http://www.myhealthavatar.eu


  • patent applied

Asset type:

  • Software platform

Technology readiness level:

  • TRL 3 – experimental proof of concept

Type of collaboration seeking:

  • Business: Commercial/Marketing support
  • Synergies with other projects
  • Technical: Testing of new applications

A cohesive, demonstration of 4D digital Avatar infrastructure for access of complete patient information, utilising cloud based architecture: • Multiple source integration, use of semantics and linked data to support functions (data repositories, integrated predictive computer simulation models, links to EHR’s etc.) • user management tools for lifestyle, web information extraction and data collection using mobile apps (Lifelong companion) • allows data access, collection, sharing and analysis by utilizing modern ICT technology • Internal model and data repositories to facilitate clinical data analysis and knowledge discovery

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