Biomedical Knowledge Info-structure
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Biomedical Knowledge Info-structure

Date created: 20/03/2014

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  • Jointly foreground

Asset type:

  • Software application

Technology readiness level:

  • TRL 8 – system complete and qualified

Type of collaboration seeking:

  • Business: Commercial/Marketing support
  • Business: Investment (seed or A round funding)
  • Technical: Joint further development


  • BKS
  • infostructure
  • metadata
  • semantics

Its main objective is the implementation of the semantic storage or Knowledge store system of Khresmoi project. The structure of this asset is the following: INFO-STRUCTURE or Basic infrastructure for data processing: Set of components and script process that are being developed and integrated in Khresmoi project. This is the Khresmoi engine that provides basic services to replicate, migrate, integrate, create and manage data in OWLIM repositories. To provide this ONTO is extending and integrating with OWLIM, an open source data warehouse and implementing a batch system for data processing. The Biomedical Knowledge Server (BKS) is a generic server infrastructure responsible for storing biomedical facts generated from structure sources, semantic annotation and binary image data and meta-data. This Knowledge Repository is built using OWLIM. Inside the BKS is where the Knowledge Bases in the healthcare domain are stored. No major changes done in OLWLIM inside Khresmoi project.

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