Image Retrieval and Analysis Framework
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Image Retrieval and Analysis Framework

Date created: 20/03/2014

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  • TRL 8 – system complete and qualified

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  • diagnose
  • medicalimages
  • radiology

This tool is focused in Radiology. Radiologists in their daily clinical activities have, in the best case scenario, access to a central storage systems where the electronic health record (HER) and the image archive (PACS) are kept. These are very large (image) databases (many terabytes) that deal with everything linked to patients and episodes of care. A radiologist can spend a maximum of 2 hours for each study depending in his level of experience and some of them (the lees experienced ones such as e.g. radiologists in training) need to consult reference books. The barriers they find in their daily work are primarily: The large-scale amount of images and the complex radiological workflows produce a clear bottleneck. They have no access to qualified external repositories of information. The radiologists sometimes need to search for images on the Internet and most of them are using Google at the moment. The scientific literature changes very quickly but clinicians do not have an easy way to access to it at the moment of diagnosis and treatment.

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