A4 Machine translation for biomedical domain.
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A4 Machine translation for biomedical domain.

Date created: 20/03/2014

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  • Jointly foreground

Asset type:

  • Software application

Technology readiness level:

  • TRL 8 – system complete and qualified

Type of collaboration seeking:

  • Business: Commercial/Marketing support
  • Business: Investment (seed or A round funding)
  • Technical: Joint further development


  • lemmatization
  • MeSH
  • multilingual
  • resources

The Multilingual Resources of Khresmoi are being developed in WP4. In Khresmoi three different types of services related to multiple languages and linked to information extraction and textual search are being developed: 1.Multilingual indexing part: provide indexation of the content in different languages, being able for example to map articles in various languages to entries in MeSH. For the purposes of fulltext search, provides lemmatization in multiple languages in order to generalize inflection. 2.Query translation services: translation of the queries of the user (allowing foreign language’s queries). The target objective for Y2 is to provide this service in one direction (foreign languages queries and retrieving English documents). In the text-based prototype, allowing queries in French and Czech and in the image-search prototype, German queries (for the text part(s)). At the end of the project an inverse query translation will be available, allowing the English speakers access to non-English documents through Khresmoi using an English query. 3.Full text translation: This service will allow the user access to English indexed documents and read the summary or the whole document (TBD) in French, Czech or German. The target objective is to allow for unlimited access to translation (as opposed to Google or other \"free\" services) and possibly improve the quality the translation services offered by those services specifically in the medical domain.

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