High quality semantic annotated corpus from the me
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High quality semantic annotated corpus from the me

Date created: 31/12/2011

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  • Knowledge resource

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  • TRL 8 – system complete and qualified

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  • Business: Commercial/Marketing support


  • Genetics Home Reference
  • ontologies
  • PubMed
  • semantic
  • UMLS

It deals with semantically annotated literature for search and retrieval in Khresmoi and beyond. By semantic annotation, we mean the linkage of regions of text (annotations) to concepts in ontologies. Once manual annotation has been done, feedback loops should be put in place to improve automatic annotation models and pattern grammars. Semantic annotation focuses on entities in the first instance, but may later include annotation of relations against ontologies. Semantic annotation is used to : • facilitate more complex search and retrieval • provide features for classification algorithms, such as trustability, readability • provide linkage to biomedical knowledge resources For now, Pubmed Articles, Gene Home Reference Documents and UMLS concepts have been annotated with HON Tags. Annotation of HON websites, DrugBank and ClinicalTrials.org and indexing of Cochrane is ongoing.

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