Alarm Handling System
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Alarm Handling System

Date created: 30/11/2013

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  • Jointly foreground

Asset type:

  • Software application

Technology readiness level:

  • TRL 7 – system prototype demonstration in operational environment

Type of collaboration seeking:

  • Technical: Joint further development


  • alarm
  • diabetes
  • eHealth
  • notification
  • thresholds

The Alarm Handling System contaíns a global rules editor. It aims at including global thresholds in some health parameters (heart rate, pulse, trend, standard deviation, multipliers, average,...) in order to compare the measurements received and calculate the status of the patient. Notifications can be sent depending on the situation and the rules included. Different ways of communication could be configured: SMS, email or Alert level only. The alert level (advise, warning, critical, black) should be also configured to evaluate the event triggered (green, yellow, red, black at the Notifications Handling page.

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