REACTION Multi-Protocol Home Monitoring Gateway
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REACTION Multi-Protocol Home Monitoring Gateway

Date created: 31/12/2013

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  • Jointly foreground

Asset type:

  • Software application

Technology readiness level:

  • TRL 7 – system prototype demonstration in operational environment

Type of collaboration seeking:

  • Technical: Adaptation to specific needs


  • Continua
  • diabetes
  • gateway
  • monitoring

The REACTION Multi-Protocol Home Monitoring Gateway is a software-based gateway running on standard PC-platform. It provides uniform access, connectivity, control and interfacing with medical and wellness devices. It supports Continua and other protocols and exports data to different back-ends. It is based on open standards but still offers support for commercially available medical devices and offers interoperability and flexibility for the customer to meet the requirements in many different scenarios. Therefore it protects the customers’ investments already made into existing devices. The typical customer is a care organisation with a need to provide home monitoring solutions for patients with chronic diseases.

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