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Training course on dissemination and communication techniques and tools for European research projects

One of the HAIVISIO objective’s is to provide the know-how and tools for an effective communication of the benefits of the project results taking into consideration the different segments of the target population for external and the specific kind of message to which these are likely to respond.

The first session:

The EU project HAIVISIO organised the 1st Training course which aim was to help projects to significantly enhance visibility and awareness on their results, through the organization of events and training courses and the facilitation of an online community and collaboration environment.

It was addressed to the EU projects that need to define their communication plan. The training addressed the communication strategy covering the aims, target groups, tools and messages that will be the core of the plan.

Please, see agenda here.

The session was held in Athens on Wednesday May 14th, 2014 at 8:00 CET, at the BEST WESTERN Ilisia Hotel, 25 Michalakopoulou Street, Athens, for a duration of 1h 30 min.

Photos of the 1st Training Course:

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See the presentations of the 1st Training Course below:

What is the HAIVISIO Training Course:

Training Course Outline:

Basic concepts:

Why dissemination is important?:

Planning dissemination and communication:

Assessment- Success indicators and Tips: