Enhanced visibility and awareness in eHealth, Active Ageing and Independent Living projects

Since the beginning of both the FP7 and CIP, a large amount of financial resources have been dedicated to research and innovation projects related to eHealth, Active Ageing and Independent Living with a focus on empowering people with age related dependencies or disabilities to live independently, delay/avoid institutionalisation and staying active and on solutions that combine health and social care, smart living systems and 'age-friendly' environments.

This large amount of projects, however, seems fragmented in their aims and objectives, creating a clear need for cross project communication and interaction to maximise the societal and business impact.

Several drawbacks have been identified, among which:

• Lack of communication and knowledge sharing among projects that are dealing with similar health, ageing and inclusion problems or use complementary technologies.

• Lack of awareness and effective dialog between stakeholders involved in active and healthy ageing and social inclusion, on one side, and all the research and innovation projects funded by the EC, on the other side.

• Slow uptake of technological innovation due to a lack of appropriate visibility and practical applicability of quality and potential of project results

• Lack of awareness of the wider societal and business impact that research and innovation on active and healthy ageing and social inclusion can bring to local and regional communities

HAIVISIO is an ambitious Coordination and Support Action project aimed at enhancing visibility and awareness of the results generated by eHealth, Active Ageing and Independent Living projects, supporting community building around these results, through a series of communication and synergy exploitation activities.

The proposed project invites relevant projects to engage in a collective and synergetic way, identifying best-practices, involving the most active partners and stakeholders and disseminating widely the added value and assets generated from each of these projects. HAIVISIO links and works in tandem with almost all relevant projects funded by the European Commission in an attempt to increase their impact on the society and to bridge the existing gap between ICT research and innovation results in eHealth, Active Ageing and Independent Living and the routine provision of services to the European citizens.

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