Over the years, EU-funded research and innovation projects have generated remarkable results. But a large number of these results do not reach the impact that was initially envisaged. Furthermore, many projects seem to lack a sustainable strategy that goes beyond the period of EU funding.

HAIVISIO will help EU-funded projects in the domains of eHealth, Active and Healthy Ageing and Independent Living to set a common strategy for jointly disseminating their results and get better market needs. To this end in the framework of the project several events and training courses will be organized as well as the creation of an online community will be facilitated.

Get advice and training

HAIVISIO offers tailored services to help you plan dissemination and exploitation activities. HAIVISIO provides dedicated events and a platform for effective communication of project results both between projects and with relevant stakeholders.

Establish Collaborations

• Search for new partners and projects through our online community and discussion forum!

• Use our collaboration tool to work with other projects!

• Combine similar or complementary research or innovation results into a common synergy for a new product/service or proposal.

Enhance visibility

• Participate in a series of events and get the opportunity to present your project to our community

• Register your project outcomes to HAIVISIO online community

WHO can be member of our community?

Participants from the following projects can be members of the HAIVISIO community:

• EU Research and innovation Projects: FP7- ICT, CIP and AAL

• Coordination and Support Actions (CSA)

• Thematic Networks

HAIVISIO aims to facilitate scientific and industrial co-operations. Therefore, the following entities and persons can also be members:

• Investors and businesses

• ICT industrial actors (research departments of medium - large enterprises, innovative SMEs, etc.)

• EU Policy makers


Register to HAIVISIO online community and get benefit from the services that we offer for FREE!

Step 1: Register to the HAIVISIO website

Step 2: Complete the requested information about the organisation(s) and the project(s) you represent. It will not take you more than 5 minutes.

Step 3: You are now a member of our community! Check out how our services can benefit your organisation/project.