Best practice example: Organizing a matchmaking meeting
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Best practice example: Organizing a matchmaking meeting

HAIVISIO is proposing an example of a successful matchmaking meeting to follow in order to have greater impact to your dissemination strategy.

Event information: EU Marketplace for eHealth & EIP on Active and Healthy Ageing. The event was supported by the GET - Global e-Health Transforming Services (EU Project) and was held within the European Commission building in Brussels, in cooperation with DG Connect and DG Sanco.
Event website:

Why this is matchmaking meeting considered a best practice? The event was a great success with more than 180 attendees from 27 countries, 16 topics through the "Meet & Debate" tables, 20 short presentations in the Speakers' Corner and more than 200 matchmaking meetings.
The idea of matchmaking meetings allowed the participants to prearrange up to 10 x 15min meetings with people from across Europe. It was a great opportunity to engage with a wide range of actors in Connected Health to share ideas, projects, services or research. The most important features of these meetings were:
  • It was very easy to participate and participants are in full control of their meetings.
  • Participants could easily register by ticking the time slots when you would like to meet people.
  • Participants had the possibility to add a short cooperation profile stating their interests and explaining why they wanted to meet any person in advance to their meeting. It was possible to reject meeting requests in function of the participant’s areas of interest.