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HAIVISIO at e-Health week in Riga

On Monday 11 May, Anne-Sophie Parent, Secretary General of AGE Platform Europe, presented the HAIVISIO project at the eHealth week in Riga, Latvia. The presentation was part of the Speakers’ Corner programme, during which EU projects working in the area of eHealth had the opportunity to present their activities. During this well-attended session, Ms Parent explained how HAIVISIO can help eHealth projects to promote project outcomes and establish collaborations.

Dissemination and exploitation trainings

HAIVISIO’s dissemination trainings, which can help projects plan and prepare an effective dissemination strategy, tailor messages to specific types of audiences as well as understanding different ownership and intellectual property rights models and choosing the most suitable one to be applied within a European consortium, were presented to the 60 or so people in the audience. Anne-Sophie Parent also explained how HAIVISIO’s exploitation trainings can help identify and organise project assets, artefacts, models, deliverables and results; support self-assessment and improvement of project communication and exploitation as well as increase commercialisation success and thus the return on investment. “I was pleased to see so many people in the audience. Particularly people who seek to connect the IT industry with those who are looking for solutions in the field of health and social care seemed to be interested in HAIVISIO, judging by the questions I had afterwards,” said Anne-Sophie Parent.

Learn more about HAIVISIO

For more information about the HAIVISIO trainings and how we can help you promote your project results, please visit https://haivisio.eu/get-advice-and-training Also check out our LinkedIn group LinkedIn group for advice on how to improve the dissemination techniques and tools of your project.

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