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Prevention for independent living and integrated life for older persons

The 3rd HAIVISIO Workshop took place in the context of the Ageing Well Conference: Ageing wealth "From cradle to ageing well perspectives in chronic diseases healthcare management. Investigating alternative paths."

This European conference focus on services, technologies and innovative solutions to improve healthcare management and living conditions of patients affected by chronical and rare diseases. It was addressed to health care professionals, project and programme managers, local and regional authorities, and of course older persons themselves and the wide population, encompassing younger cohorts. Representatives of health institutions (ASL, Azienda Sanitaria Locale) at provincial level also attended the event, together with other institutions, such as hospitals, universities and research centers, enterprises and charities.

Mrs Ilenia Gheno (European Older People's Platform) was a speaker. Her speech key topic was about the prevention for independent living and integrated life for older persons. Prevention means also to make other aware of risks and opportunities. HAIVISIO perfectly fits in this framework. In her presentation, Ilenia Gheno, AGE Platform Europe’s Research Project Manager, highlighted the core goals of the project and the main work carried out so far in the identification of assets and barriers of EU research funded via projects. She explained which synergies are alike to be built and encouraged the audience to join in the network of interest and to pool forces to overcome very common barriers when dealing with innovations, tools and services at the practical level of real and concrete interaction with the users and the consumers.


Within a 2-days programme, “Ageing Wealth” addressed the following issues:

  • Innovative approaches for chronic diseases prevention development and sharing
  • Design and implementation of tools and devices for patients with chronic diseases
  • Life conditions of patients with chronic diseases improvement; this latter item wanted to support a longer, active and healthy life for old patients, but also job placement for adults and school attendance for children, in a rather intergenerational approach.

Place/Date: Mirandola, Italy, 16-17 October 2014

Website: Ageing Well Conference