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Dissemination and Communication Techniques and Tools for European projects

Members working for EU Research and Innovation projects are usually from different organisations, universities, to hospitals, industrial firms, users, etc. These members are represented mainly by researchers, officials, and general managers.

Besides, the objective of the project is to do research, develop, test or implement and validate a new technology or product. Thus we don’t expect marketing experts actively participating in the projects.

Therefore there is a gap, between the project and the market in a broad sense that can be seen as a barrier for a good dissemination. From HAIVISIO we think that a practical way to overcome this difficulty is training researchers, experts and project managers on the basics about Dissemination and Communication , from a wider perspective that goes beyond the project boundaries showing in a practical way how to develop and execute a good dissemination plan.

HAIVISIO supports the effective communication and exploitation of project results in the field of Ageing, e-Health and Independent Living, both between projects as well as with relevant stakeholders, through Training and Consulting services. These services include:

  • Analysis of the specificities of your project
  • Development of a tailored communication plan for your project
  • Development of a tailored exploitation plan for your project
  • Design of a business model for the commercialization of your project asset.

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Any member will be benefited from HAIVISIO Training and Consulting services, through the following means:

  • Receive personal invitation and participate in our events : HAIVISIO organizes events for training and advising project consortia to define their communication plan and strategy.
  • Access to our mentoring and training services: HAIVISIO provides exploitation and communication courses through:
    • eLearning platform: Get training through dedicated online courses
    • Webinars: In the frame of the training activities of HAIVISIO, two new sessions have been included to the material already available in our web. The two sessions are independent, though complementary, and are presented in the form of webinars.
    • Training material: Get advice in quick sessions

Tips and hints to facilitate the exploitation of your project results

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