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Topic: Business models and modelling
Rodd Bond
Posts: 5
Business models and modelling
on: December 14, 2014, 14:47

Many of the projects within the HAIVISIO community report on the challenge of designing and implementing a viable business model to exploit the outcomes of their research and development endeavours. This points to three interconnected difficulties – the design of a model or model(s), the testing and evaluation of its viability and sustainability, and the practical implementation of its innovation in an existing or new business where the potential impacts can be realised. These challenges are compounded when a project has many partners with differing capabilities, strengths, missions and visions, and when the offering is composed of multiple components which may warrant differing routes to market.rnrnThe Business Model Canvas ( represents a very synthetic tool to explore the inter-connections between the different components of a business idea, and its recent sister publication, the 'Value Proposition Canvas' provides a more detailed window into aligning the 'value proposition' with 'customer segment' opportunities. By seeing the model on 'one diagram' and on 'one page', it makes it much easier to explore all the inter-connections and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a model proposal. However, while these tools are valuable – they are no replacement for a desire and 'intention to deliver'. Business modelling will throw up many difficulties and conflicts which will need to be reconciled and accommodated as the model evolves in detail and coherence, but it will always remain a 'paper exercise' unless there is a 'driving commitment' to move forward towards implementation and impact.rnrnWhile the development of the 'value proposition canvas' is a natural development of the business modelling approach, viable and sustainable e-health and AAL models will remain illusive until there is clarity on who the targeted customer is, and what the right relationships and channels are, through which to deliver the created value. Although much of the focus within the HAIVISIO community has been on the R&D assets and their exploitation, EU funded R&D projects could represent a wonderful opportunity to 'understand customer relationships' and to connect directly and in-directly to 'channels to customers' through communications and dissemination activities. Personal assistance, self-service, communities and co-creation are all viable models to link value to customers, but they often don't sit neatly with more traditional business models.rnrnPerhaps many more research and innovation projects should outline a draft business model canvas at the beginning of their endeavours and use the project as a means to evaluate and adapt it, in response to project learning. rn rnrn

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