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So far, European research is almost exclusively communicated to niche audiences using mainly scientific media. This underscores the urgent need to effectively communicate the results to potential adopters to maximise the impact of the knowledge developed and take advantage of the rich basket of research results. One of the main obstacles is the huge heterogeneity of the target users of the developed solutions, such as health and social care professionals, health and social insurers, hospitals and healthcare centres, informal caregivers, local and regional authorities, service providers, SMEs, national and EU policymakers and the older people themselves. Facilitating access to research assets having practical applications represents an important tool for the outreach of project outcomes.

Turning to the projects, the lack of concentration activities , only partially compensated by initiatives by individual projects has led to an unusually low level of communication among projects pursuing similar objectives and the practical impossibility to evaluate opportunities for synergic actions and coordinated communication.

HAIVISIO project commits itself to promote access to the results of projects and communicate them appropriately to the general public and decision-makers across different sectors, in view of increasing awareness of the benefits of ICT and, then, improving its uptake. HAIVISIO promotes collaboration among existing projects and contributes to the coordination and cross-fertilisation of high-quality research. HAIVISIO also harnesses contacts with EC officials and elaborates research and policy recommendations stressing the need for more direct and close interactions within the research community. You can access for free the services below that HAIVISIO offers to EU Research and Innovation projects and external stakeholders to use.

Services to Establish collaborations

Search for new partners and projects through our online community.

HAIVISIO project has built a community which is comprised of:

  • A pool of EU Research and Innovation projects (FP7: CIP, CSA Thematic Networks, AAL) tagged with their field of expertise, that express the kind of collaboration these are interested in.
  • A significant number of project results (we call them assets) of the above registered projects, indicating their IPRs, theirtype, the Technology Readiness Level (TRL), and the type of collaboration their project are seeking.
  • A high number of people with expertise in eHealth, Ageing, Independent Living, Inclusion, Business, Technology, Innovation and Policy makers, Investors, and NGOs.
  • All the organisation profiles where the above people are working for.
This community is continuously maintained.

If you want to find partner or projects you can register your personal contact details, the description of the organization you are working for, the project information and results (in case you are involved in a relevant project). Then, you can navigate to the community and contact with those you want to collaborate with.


Collaborate with other projects using “Working Groups” Tool

A dedicated collaborative environment called “Working Groups” is available, as a virtual working space that facilitates the communication and interactivity of research and innovation projects for the sharing and exchange of ideas, know-how and results.
The Working groups are created to coordinate project synergies, in terms of positioning, planning, events organization and work upon a common documentation for specifications and design of the collaboration topics.

To initiate a project synergy, you have to be a member of this website (if not please register), and create a Working Group where you will add discussion topic(s) and you will invite only those registered people you want to join the discussion. They will receive invitation through email.

To create a "Working Group" move your cursor to the top of this page and select the right tabsheet

Participate in the Synergies events

HAIVISIO organizes Synergy events targeted to investors, business stakeholders, SMEs, European Commission employees, and EU Research and Innovation project partners. Current topics promoted until now at synergy events include:

  • Silver economy
  • Social innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing
  • Innovations for Active and Healthy Ageing

You can participate in synergy events if you become a member of our community. You will receive invitations through email for events we organise.


Join our discussion

HAIVISIO offers an open discussion forum where HAIVISIO project partners initialize discussion topics open to the public. All registered members can write their questions or opinions on any topic and get responses, both by registered members either by the HAIVISIO team.

Check out our Discussion and register to join our discussions and leave your comment.


Access to methodology for assessing the maturity and impact of project assets

HAIVISIO has constructed and validated a specific methodology (incl. analysis tools and models) for assessing the maturity and impact of 19 registered project assets .You can download the paper that addresses the early work undertaken within HAIVISIO, focusing on the exploration of strategic communications and synergies across projects in the e-health, ageing well and independent living domains.

During the course of the mapping exercise, the HAIVISIO team have developed an on-line Characterisation Framework Survey which we would encourage you to complete


In order to create a Working Group you have to be logged in.