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30 Nov, 2015

HAIVISIO funded period from FP7 has been completed

By 31 October 2015 the HAIVISIO project was finished as all activities and deliverables had been completed. The project was financed by the Sixth Framework Programme under the European Commission Directorate-General Communications…

10 Jul, 2015

Do you want to enhance the visibility and impact of your project? Watch NOW the videos of our training webinars

Last week HAIVISIO did two webinars to propose and detail a practical set of tools to improve communication and dissemination strategies and activities, by applying the HAIVISIO Reference Framework. Watch…

25 Nov, 2014

Take a look at our latest Newsletter Issue and…

Check out why 19 EU projects have selected HAIVISIO project to promote their project outcomes. Learn the outcomes of the 3 latest events we have organized Check how your organisation…

21 Oct, 2014

Get the Open Days HAIVISIO workshop presentations!

The workshop of HAIVISIO “Paving the way for eHealth, active ageing and independent living products and services generated by European Research & Innovation projects” was a success during the Open…

02 Oct, 2014

Outcomes of the HAIVISIO roundtable are published!

BRIDGING THE CHASM from research and innovation to sustainable socio-economic impact The two round table discussions were organised under the “EU Marketplace for eHealth & EIP on Active and Healthy Ageing”…

17 Sep, 2014

Are you interested in receiving training on Dissemination and Communication Techniques and Tools for European projects?

Register for free to our training course!  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Wt_C45zuDDr_uuXQrhMRISIbalwbQ4_0A6i6TScJXr0/viewform All the details are here: https://haivisio.eu/haivisio-2nd-training-course/  

15 Sep, 2014

One week left to join HAIVISIO debate table sessions!

Next Monday 22th September the EU Marketplace for eHealth & EIP on Active and Healthy Ageing event hosts the HAIVISIO debate table sessions. A great opportunity to a wide range…

09 Jul, 2014

AgeingWell Supports HAIVISIO Activities!

In case your project deals with eHealth, Active Ageing and Independent Living, HAIVISIO welcomes you to join project community by registering to the project website www.haivisio.eu Get the 16th Newsletter…