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30 Jul, 2015

Tool 5: The HAIVISIO Website

HAIVISIO has built a community website, accessible on the Internet through its website ( AAL projects can easily register as members of this community. HAIVISIO members can publish their projects…

29 Jul, 2015

Tool 4: Developing a Business Model – The Business Canvas

One of the troubles that the projects have is the lack of Commercial expertise. Therefore, we are willing to recommend a tool that may overcome that situation. The proposed tool…

25 Jul, 2015

Tool 3: The HAIVISIO Framework: Where is your project positioned on the development pathways

This tool is a pathway diagram that gives the projects the possibility of positioning themselves in the development pathway and analyze the different paths to increase their performance in different…

16 Jul, 2015

Tool 2: Key messages to be communicated to the key stakeholders

HAIVISIO has also produced a set of strategic recommendations for communication that could be used as tools by the projects. Following the conclusions of our work, projects should endeavour to:…

15 Jul, 2015

HAIVISIO Tool 1: Critical success factors for the project.

HAIVISIO Value Proposition is a set of tools and services to the four customer segments that allow assess the impact of a certain project. As far as we are aware…

02 Jun, 2015

Best practice example: Building a Commercial website for an EU Research funded project

HAIVISIO is proposing you an example of a website structure to follow for your project in order to improve the dissemination strategy of your project. Why this website is considered…

15 May, 2015

HAIVISIO project at the eHealth Week 2015 in Riga, Latvia

The 2015 eHealth Week in Riga, was a great opportunity for the HAIVISIO project to present new technics for exploitation and dissemination for H2020 during the session eHealth Week Projects…

03 May, 2015

Best practice example: Organizing a matchmaking meeting

HAIVISIO is proposing an example of a successful matchmaking meeting to follow in order to have greater impact to your dissemination strategy. Event information: EU Marketplace for eHealth & EIP…

29 Jan, 2015

The HAIVISIO impact

Impact is not exclusively related to the results of the projects themselves but it also has a very important component in relation to dissemination, communication and exploitation strategies. Depending on…