02 Feb, 2016

The New networking tool available for SC1-H2020 proposers

In case you are preparing a proposal to submit under SC1-H2020 proposers you have to visit the recent article of the Digital agenda for Europe website here:

30 Nov, 2015

HAIVISIO funded period from FP7 has been completed

By 31 October 2015 the HAIVISIO project was finished as all activities and deliverables had been completed. The project was financed by the Sixth Framework Programme under the European Commission Directorate-General Communications…

03 Nov, 2015

Get our updates

Download the final issue of HAIVISIO Newsletter: to: - Learn more about the HAIVISIO training courses to AAL and EU projects, get access to the documentation, video and presentations - Check…

08 Oct, 2015

The way to the exploitation by improving project communication, a course for projects funded by the AAL Programme

Read our new article:  

02 Oct, 2015

Dissemination and exploitation training: Webinar material available – Open discussion for questions

On 29th Sep and 1st Oct 2015, the HAIVISIO consortium organised two training webinars on: “Identifying the value of your project” “Practical tools to produce a good dissemination plan”  …

17 Sep, 2015

Its time to improve the exploitation of your project results!

HAIVISIO project presents the Tips and hints to facilitate the exploitation of your project results. Visit now our website to find the instructions and all relevant documents available for downloading…

07 Sep, 2015

Free webinar to improve European projects’ communications on 30 September

Free webinar: Tools to improve European projects’ communications The HAIVISIO project ( , in collaboration with DG CONNECT, is offering a free webinar on tools to improve European project communications.…

05 Aug, 2015

UNCAP project invites you to the exhibition of future technologies for Ageing People

The UNCAP project (Ubiquitous iNteroperable Care for Ageing People) is organizing a conference and exhibition of future technologies for Ageing People.   UNCAP aims to deliver a platform based on…

30 Jul, 2015

Tool 5: The HAIVISIO Website

HAIVISIO has built a community website, accessible on the Internet through its website ( AAL projects can easily register as members of this community. HAIVISIO members can publish their projects…

29 Jul, 2015

Tool 4: Developing a Business Model – The Business Canvas

One of the troubles that the projects have is the lack of Commercial expertise. Therefore, we are willing to recommend a tool that may overcome that situation. The proposed tool…