Best practice example: Building a Commercial website for an EU Research funded project
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Best practice example: Building a Commercial website for an EU Research funded project

HAIVISIO is proposing you an example of a website structure to follow for your project in order to improve the dissemination strategy of your project. Why this website is considered a best practice? KHRESMOI project is a multilingual multimodal search and access system for finding biomedical information and documents. It adapts to the user level of experience and can find similar images to one that you select. After the 3rd project year, the EC reviewers appreciated the high-quality dissemination materials that had been produced for the project. However, those materials were buried into a complex project website, very oriented to an academia audience. Then, they recommended that the consortium produced a more commercial and industry oriented website. The KHRESMOI consortium is committed to the sustainability, continuation and re-use of the components and services. All the information that has been supplied through this commercial website - components, videos and demos for download - will be maintained even after the project's end.

KHRESMOI Commercial website :

Recommendations for the website sections according to the example :
This new KHRESMOI commercial website has the following sections:
  • ABOUT US: This first section is a short presentation of what is Khresmoi, which is its audience and its specific characteristics
  • VIDEOS: This section includes videos of Khresmoi and show how can it be useful for patients and professionals
  • COMPONENTS AND RESOURCES: this section shows a gallery of KHRESMOI components that could be reused or exploited.
  • PROTOTYPES: This part includes links to the KHRESMOI prototypes available
  • CONTACT US: A section which allows to send a message to the project coordinator.
  • FEEDBACK: A section of links to the developers communities on LinkedIn or any other forums to report any issue/suggestion about the components.

Additional recommendations about design features: The KHRESMOI commercial website has been conceived with infinite scrolling - a web-design technique that loads content continuously as the user scrolls down the page, eliminating the need for pagination. Social media sites such as Twitter have made this technique popular, allows to make your site compatible with the vast majority of browsers and screen resolutions, and it is quite convenient for tablet and mobile phone users, with smaller screen sizes; the advantage of not having to acquire and click “next page” keeps audiences engaged with the content and less distracted because of the mechanics of navigating to the next page. Continuous scrolling is advantageous for content that streams constantly and has a relatively flat structure; however, when each unit of content belongs at the same level of hierarchy and has similar chances of being interesting, endless scrolling could cause some usability problems to the user in order to quickly find the relevant information. To avoid this, the designers have added a fixed upper menu with options. When the user scrolls, the logo and the menu are always static and act as a site map.

Name of the project: KHRESMOI
EU programme: 7th Framework Programme
Project website: