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Companion Assistive Robot as part of an intelligent home environment

“C-Walker” – an open source mobility aid furnished with user sensitive, physical, cognitive and emotional support technology to assist navigatio...

The platform comprises of: • Open, generic framework & architecture, socially interconnecting and semantically linking the cancer chemoprevention...

The Camera and Accelerometer-Based Activity Recognition (CBAR) system is able to detect specific stress-related gestures and also extract qualitative ...

Camera-based system


A camera-based system that – triggered by a wearable EEG solution – will take snapshots of the scenes according to the eye movement and will allow...

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  • CHF
  • congestive_heart_failure;

Patient, at home will use the devices provided to measure his/her heart rate, blood pressure, pulse-oxymetry and weight. The devices collect the da...

  • eHealth
  • Health_systems
  • telehealth
  • COPD

When patients admitted to hospital with a COPD exacerbation are discharged from hospital, they are provided with a telemonitorin package including vid...