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  • eHealth
  • diabetes
  • notification
  • alarm
  • thresholds

The Alarm Handling System contaíns a global rules editor. It aims at including global thresholds in some health parameters (heart rate, pulse, trend,...

  • eHealth
  • diabetes
  • insulin
  • mobile

GlucoTab is a workflow and insulin dosing support system for the glycaemic management of patients with diabetes type 2 at hospital. The GlucoTab syste...

  • eHealth
  • diabetes
  • diet
  • EPR

The patient portal allows for collection of patient input data, including the capture of life-style data such as activity and diet, the capture of med...

  • eHealth
  • diabetes
  • sensors

Mains plug mounted home gateway with ZigBee local wireless network and GPRS WAN sending data from ZigBee enabled sensors to backend database.

  • MeSH
  • multilingual
  • resources
  • lemmatization

The Multilingual Resources of Khresmoi are being developed in WP4. In Khresmoi three different types of services related to multiple languages and lin...

  • radiology
  • medicalimages
  • diagnose

This tool is focused in Radiology. Radiologists in their daily clinical activities have, in the best case scenario, access to a central storage system...

the main focus is the adoption and improvement of GATE and MÍMIR frameworks in the biomedical domain. GATE is a framework for building semantic ann...

  • semantics
  • BKS
  • metadata
  • infostructure

Its main objective is the implementation of the semantic storage or Knowledge store system of Khresmoi project. The structure of this asset is the fol...

  • semantics
  • MESH
  • translation

Spelling correction for different languages, including language detection service. It is language detection, based on MESH Terms. This is used also f...

1. Patient Station; home based virtual environment where patient is prompted to complete exercises as part of rehab, planned by Clinicians in the hosp...

A next generation, secure linked data medical information space for semantically-interconnecting electronic health records and clinical trials systems...

Companion Assistive Robot as part of an intelligent home environment

A hybrid, closed loop, Interreality system composed of two different platforms working in different environments, Clinical & Home. The behaviour in th...

The main approach of the project is to develop an unobtrusive, low cost platform to support independent living for older people. USEFIL has developed...